Winter escape

Are you bored of the rain and the gales and lack of vitamin D? Me too. Options with kids include Centre parcs,although you cannot escape all those elements, there is a sort of rewarding feeling in a biology field trip sort of way! Note get one of the nicer woodland lodges, v spacious and contemporary.  Babington house or Calcot manor are always cosy at this time of the year, but pricier and not warm. Sunnier more attractive options include Dubai or Barbados, if you can afford it and the jet lag doesn’t bother you. Skiing for those who can brave carrying kids and skis and boots and nappies… sounds too much like hard work to me. Closer to home, how about Tenerife, for sun, pool (free entertainment for children) and fresh seafood and no jet lag ?  Hmmm I think I made the wrong decision, bring on the wellies and bikes…Elveden forest here I come.

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