Girls night out in Peru

I had to organize our ladies supper club and chose Pachamama, good central chi chi location (Marylebone, short walk from Bond st),lots of healthy punchy ceviche and pisco sours in a cool basement den, all boxes ticked. There are quite a few Peruvian hotspots already in London e.g. Coya and Ceviche, so we know London likes the taste of darkest Peru. The venue has that shabby chic thing going on, a bit like an upmarket favela chic (now closed brazilian restaurant/club in on Old street). Pisco sours were not for me though, v brandy like but had a great kick. The bartender kindly made me an apple martini equivalent.
We ordered the party menu, partly due to laziness and partly due to the slight unknown in ingredients and dishes. Scallop ‘sudada’, Aji truffles, ahi panca ….no idea! Anyway, we lucked out with a never ending feast of small exciting, beautifully presented dishes with completely novel flavours, which can be hard in London. Highlights include salty spicy padron peppers, sticky sweet crispy lamb belly, quinoa like you have never had before as a savoury dish and as ice cream wow and double wow. Cornish sea bass in tigers milk was a velvety ceviche, although i still don’t know what tigers milk is. The waiters were a little clueless on the dishes and said we were eating monkfish although it was definitely chicken. I will forgive this, as the head guy was wonderful and very accommodating and even provided caffeine free espresso martinis for one of my jaded party animal friends. Prices can add up with alcohol etc but reasonable for London. I dare you to tantalise those tastebuds in pachamama, a new favourite for me.

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