Flying with kids

Are you about to embark on the annual family holiday in the sun? Trust it to coincide with a British Heatwave! Anyway, i have a few tips to share for those flying with their little angels…

1. Start packing 3 wks bf, i always forget something.. this time it was the goggles (conveniently reminded by my husband by the pool). 2. Remember to check in on line asap to get seats together (with kids!) 3. Fly from London city if you can (the best airport in London) 4. Priority pass lounges are a haven in airport mania (closed off area, free food and drinks, free mags and a chance to take a breath bf the flight 5. Must have items on the plane: Ipad with newly downloaded movie (entertainment for 1 1/2 hrs tick), Ipad (another 30-60 mins sorted), colouring in books with new stickers, new small toys always helpful, plenty of snacks (healthy and not so healthy), loads of water ¬†and an inner zen like trance to get you through the journey 5. short transfers the other side are also vital. ¬†Finally remember this is a finite period of time and if you are v lucky they might sleep the whole journey (hmmm)… good luck and bon voyage

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