Fancy some Jinjuu?

My best friend is Korean and my guilty pleasure is KFC, so when I discovered that there was a new trendy Korean/ American in town with a head-lining dish called called ‘korean fried chicken’, I had to invent a reason to visit asap? business lunch? ┬áThe vibe is chilled, edgy Brooklyn vibe in London. Its a small place off Regent street, so perfect post Liberty. KFC was a little too crunchy for me but the condiments were a spicy delight. The hero dish here were the beef bulgogi tacos, light fresh salad with rich spicy beef in soft tortillas, over in 3 glorious mouthfuls. We had to order more. Salads are light and piquant and kimchee in everything was a comforting cabbage accompaniment. The menu reads like a spicy east meets west extravaganza. I need to go back and eat at least 10 tacos! Reviews are little mixed but having been to a few Korean restaurants internationally in my time, Jinjuu has its’ place in London’s current edgy fusion cuisine scene. Go midweek with a girlfriend or 2 and sink a few cocktails and bulgogi tacos. My mouth is watering just thinking of them.

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