Colony Grill Room

Colony Grill Room is Mayfair’s restaurant du jour, given to us by the clever people behind The Wolesley. Colony grill room is the main restaurant in the new Beaumont hotel, so new, that my london cabbie was embarrassed not to have heard of its existence. I have been 3 times now and can’t get enough of it, it’s that x factor in a restaurant. For me it’s the classic dishes done to perfection that win here… think steak Diane with unctuous red wine jus, which surprisingly I have never had before and buttery gorgeous dover sole. The other attraction is that London/ International buzz with a sprinkling of stardust, Becks and Posh/ Tom Cruise and Joan Collins, to name a few. Start with a cognac powered classic champagne cocktail in the bar and then open those art deco doors to another world of old time glamour and London’s most exciting dining scene. Prices ineveitably are not cheap but hey its worth it. Also service is friendly and professional star or not. Book in 9pm is the best sitting, put on your sunday (or saturday night) best and go escape to a night of refined hedonism.

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