Shop at & Other Stories

If you haven’t already checked out & Other Stories on the high street, go take a visit. At the moment, they have some stylish Celine and Acne-inspired pieces. Price-wise, it’s in the Zara ballpark (so always a good option in between the big sales seasons) and like Cos (both Cos and & Other Stories belong to H&M), do try to pay close attention to the fabrics before you buy. The designs can look great etc., but what sometimes lets both these shops down is the wrong/cheap fabric so that the cut is a bit off and they don’t fall from the body as they should (often too stiff and bulky rather than sculptured) or the hemlines of skirts look badly (i.e. cheaply) tailored and stitched. Choose wisely and their clothes can look much more designer-expensive. Oh and they have some great shoes too which are actually comfortable. Right now, I love their studded ankle boots, the black ones with faux-shearling lining and lovely brown tan ones for just 125 euros.  & Other Stories also have a lot of other stuff – accessories of course but also skincare products and nail polish… It’s all a bit much but focus on the clothes and the shoes, I say.


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