Bye bye, Uggs

When Ugg boots first became “big”, I first said I wouldn’t be seen dead in a pair as they looked so ugly. And then I went for a short break to NYC and experienced one of the coldest winters. I love walking around NYC and in such weather, in desperation, I saw an Ugg store and bought myself a pair on sale. Oh. My. God. They were AMAZING. It was like wearing super warm and cosy slippers outdoors (Australians actually wear them as slippers only, never outside and laugh at us Europeans wearing them on the street). Even when I got back home, it was a real struggle to resist wearing them every day. But I always felt like I had elephant feet and then I discovered Isabel Marant’s Nowles, which are a slightly more elegant take on the Ugg and the snowboot and just as warm and comfy… They’re bloody expensive – if you thought Uggs were pricey, take a deep breath now. The Nowles are 440 pounds/ 480 euros!! I know, I know. I resisted the first year they were out and then succumbed last winter and I can tell you, they are like the only boots I wear ALL winter. Plus, they have a hidden wedge heel which is a major plus for shorties like me.


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