Best foundation

I’ve finally found a foundation I’m actually going to use up to the last drop… and buy again.  It’s Giorgio Armani’s Maestro Fusion Make Up.  It’s like no other foundation around – the consistency is a liquid and not a gloop and it comes in a teat pipette so you squeeze little drops of the fluid onto your fingers.  It feels velvety on the skin and you hardly need to blend, it seems to melt into the face (it’s supposed to help hydrate as well) and really, really feels like you’re not wearing a layer of gunk on your face. Honest.  You can add more drops depending on how much you need to hide but however many layers you decide to put on, it’s so easy and quick to spread/blend.  Anything that saves time and works has to be a must-have!

For years, I’ve been buying new foundations and never finishing a bottle before buying another type, searching for that all-rounder miracle to make my skin look good, natural-looking, glowy and hide blemishes and discolouration etc.  My make-up drawer contains unfinished bottles of: Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche Eclat Foundation (not enough coverage for me for all that light-reflecting stuff and people often mentioned I looked tired when I used it), Dior’s Natural Glow Radiant Foundation (ok but it does still feel a bit gunky), a couple of different types of Laura Mercier’s foundations (she’s supposed to be the queen of coverage and err, it was too much coverage for my skin in that it did not give that natural look I want) and Bare Minerals stuff too (apply too much and it can look cakey, too little then it doesn’t give enough coverage so I found it a lot of work to get it just right).  My wasting of money, at least on the foundation-front, is finally at an end.  Giorgio, Maestro, I salute  you.



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